People Serving People with a Hand Up, NOT a Hand Out

Northern Lights Alliance for the Homeless has been in operation since 1999 and have increased the program from helping men to now helping women and their children, families and veterans.

Our Mission Statement: To provide safe, respectful, temporary shelter for homeless persons where options for self-help are NOT available and to meet needs not currently being met by others in the community.

Our Purpose: To support the increasing number of men, women, children and veterans that have fallen into a homeless situation

Our Vision: North Lights Alliance Shelters serve the needs of the homeless population in our community and 8 surrounding counties. As people serving people, we believe in the value, dignity, and uniqueness of the whole person and strive to reflect this belief as we respond to the needs of those we serve.

As a service provider, we collaborate with other providers in ways that are compatible and beneficial to the community. As an organization, we believe that courtesy, compassion, and our open door policy are integral components in caring for the homeless and provide a service that promotes the concept of independence and self-sufficiency.  We are proud to be a part of helping the poor and homeless in our communities.  All of our shelters would not be available if it were not for the benevolence of other community foundations to join us in this great need.  Because of our economy today we feel the obligation to support all those in need, for someday they will be able to give back to our community as responsible citizens.

Our Shelters:

New Beginnings House of Hope – Women and Children – 202 – 1st St. NW

Northern Lights – Men’s Emergency Shelter – 307 N Monroe Avenue

Walter House – Sober Living Facility – 311 North Monroe

Courage Hall – Veterans Home – 420 3rd St NW

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